Monday, November 21, 2005

Erotic Vampire Novel Synopsis - NaNoWriMo 2005

A synopsis of the latest addition (scene) to the "Tasting the Rust": My antagonist, Peyton, an evil vampire, has feasted on her first victim since her release from incarceration: Becca, a young waitress at a nearby diner. Peyton had been subsisting on undernourished cellmates for several weeks in the city jail, and she was just dying for a decent meal.

Or rather, Becca did...

Now Peyton is off to to make everyone's life a living hell and bring back "home" her latest project and captive, Maren (my main character and protagonist).

Maren recently fled Peyton and The Asylum, the club (a sprawling abandoned mental hospital) where vampires' victims are worked into a frenzy to produce an intoxicating, adrenalin and endorphin spiked blood (a kind of vampire heroin) for the hip vampire population.

Excerpts from the novel itself can be reached from the "Tasting the Rust" link.


Anonymous FemOnMyKneez said...

May I ask how the victims are worked into a frenzy? (weg)

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